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B2B Cold Email Marketing Services

Run B2C and B2B cold email marketing campaigns with USA based industry
leading rotating email servers to generate more leads for your small business.

Multiple Campaigns

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously to reach all prospective clients you want.

Blacklist Protection

All campaigns are checked against our extensive blacklist to ensure optimum deliverability.

IP Warmup

We warm all sending IPs to ensure none of your campaigns end up in the spam mail.

Server Rotation

We ensure multiple server to send our campaigns ensuring maximum deliverability.

Human-Like Sending

Our system pauses email sending randomly to ensure a human-like behavior while sending campaigns.

Followup Automation

Want to reach out to people who have read your email? We got you cover with our followup automation.

Reputation Tracking

We monitor and maintain the reputation of all sending servers at all times ensuring best delivery rates.

Campaign Statistics

All campaigns show detailed statistics with regards to deliverability, bounces, unsubs, opens and clicks.
250 Million
Consumer Data
100 Million
B2B Data
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Cold Email Marketing Packages

Our cold email marketing packages are available at the best rates in USA

Number of emails you want to send

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Pay As You Go Rates

Number of emails Cost
up to 10,000 $600
up to 25,000 $750
up to 50,000 $1000
up to 1,00,000 $1500
up to 2,50,000 $3000

Enterprise Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cold email?

Cold email is an email sent to someone you don't know or with whom you have had no previous contact. Cold emails are powerful tools for marketing and promotion, allowing for the opportunity to reach potential customers, partners and investors whose contact information may not otherwise be available. Cold Emails can help build relationships by introducing your company’s products and services quickly and effectively via a targeted message. If approached strategically and professionally, Cold emails can reap many positive outcomes.

Here are a few tips on how to write a successful cold email:

- Take the time to read your Cold email and make sure that it is strongly crafted and on point.
- Include details that help your reader get to know you in order to establish trustworthiness from the beginning.
- Keep it short while still providing all the essential points, and make sure that you include a call-to-action at the end of the email.

Following these simple steps will ensure that your cold email gets the attention it deserves!

What does a typical cold email look like?

Cold emails are an integral part of many businesses’ marketing strategy. Typically, a cold email contains a simple yet direct greeting, followed by a brief introduction to the business and its products or services. It should then move on to explain why the reader should be interested in what it has to offer, followed by a call-to-action (CTA), making clear what the recipient of the email needs to do next. Finally, it should provide links offering more information and contact details of someone they can reach out to if they have any questions. Cold emails require careful though: if hastily sent out with generic language and no attempt made to personalize, they are likely to get deleted without being opened in the first place.

How do you test cold email marketing copy effectiveness?

Cold email marketing is an extremely powerful tool in terms of generating leads, but it can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of your copy. Fortunately there are some simple methods to track the success of Cold email campaigns. For example, you could use A/B testing to compare two variations of the same message and see which version performs better. Additionally you can use open and click-through-rate data to measure how interested recipients are in your offer. With this kind of intelligence, businesses can sharpen their Cold email marketing campaigns for maximum success.

How many cold emails should you send per day?

Cold Email marketing is a great way to start conversations with new potential customers and to test out different sales pitches. But the amount of cold emails you should send per day varies based on a few factors. If you plan to do it yourself, your bandwidth should inform the number of emails sent each day and how hard you push those emails out. If you're working with an agency they may have a specific plan in terms of deliverability, lead generation goals, etc. Ultimately, testing should be done to determine the optimal number that work for your business. Cold emailing doesn’t have to be overwhelming as long as there is a plan and goals in mind that are realistic and attainable.

Is it legal to send cold emails?

There are some legal considerations worth taking into account. It’s important to ensure that you don’t break the CAN-SPAM Act when sending out cold emails, which requires a professional look and feel with no misleading subject lines or false promises. You also want to make sure your emails are targeted and relevant without any intrusive language – like over-the-top sales tactics or phrases that sound like click-bait. Cold emailing can be an effective way to get in touch with prospects, but make sure you create content that abides by the applicable laws.

Do I need to outsource my cold emailing?

Cold email marketing can be time consuming and tricky to implement correctly. It often requires an understanding of email etiquette and knowledge of mass emailing laws and compliance regulations. For small business owners or those with a limited budget, figuring out how to do effective cold emailing on their own can be daunting - so outsourcing may be the right option for them. Outsourcing your cold email marketing will allow you to access resources that can help ensure you’re doing it right and make sure your emails are reaching the right people in the most effective way possible. If you want to build relationships with potential customers and make sure they take notice of what you have to offer, outsourcing your cold e-mailing could be just what you need.

Can I talk to someone directly about your cold email services?

Sure, contact us here, we look forward to talking to you!

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