How to Choosing the Best Enterprise Email Marketing Solution in 2022

There are numerous email marketing options to choose from. However, in order to get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you'll want to make certain that you find a service that is a perfect fit for your company in every way.

Whether you're most concerned with template selection, automated workflows, or the overall user interface, there's an email marketing solution that will give your business the boost it requires.

There will be no need to start from scratch with this guide. We'll go over the key features of an email marketing service.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Features To Look For in the Best Enterprise Email Marketing Solution in 2022

1. A/B Testing

Split testing email campaigns is another name for A/B testing. If you're running a conversion campaign with transactional emails, look for a platform that supports it.

You can do it manually with some legwork, but the platform's A/B testing allows us to better run campaigns with different variables side by side to see how they perform with similar audiences/subscribers.

2. Customizable Sign-up Methods

Having an opt-in form on your website or subscription option during checkout is a given, with enterprise email marketing, but you’re missing out on opportunities to gain subscribers. Utilize every opportunity to gain new subscribers by utilizing an email platform that provides a variety of sign-up forms.

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3. List Segmentation

While your target audience has common interests and problems, each contact is unique. You want to get the messaging right in your emails if you want them to have the most impact. List segmentation comes into play here.

You can only segment based on the data you have (or assumptions), and you can do it manually by splitting your contact lists sorted by specific data—for example, creating one list with all of your subscribers who purchased in the last 30 days and another list with customers who haven't purchased in more than 90 days. You can further divide those segments into customers who downloaded a digital product, customers who live in specific regions, and so on.

Segmented email campaigns have a 14.3 percent higher open rate and a 100.95 percent higher click-through rate than generic emails.

4. Third-Party Integration

Integration may not be necessary for small businesses and startups, but for larger online brands, automation is required to keep marketing and communication on track. Third-party integration with your email platform eliminates or drastically reduces the need for manual input. Again, the integration you require is heavily dependent on how you intend to use your email platform.

5. Subscriber/Campaign Insights

Far too many marketers focus solely on increasing open rates and click-through rates while ignoring other metrics that should be tracked, monitored, and used to improve the performance of email marketing campaigns. Every decision you make about refining and improving your campaigns should be based on data, so select an email platform that provides the most comprehensive data reporting.

6. Automation and Response Handling

Order confirmations, follow-ups and review requests, and abandoned cart triggers are all common automated emails sent out by online retail brands in order to reclaim lost customers. Through email automation, the right email platform will give you far more control over building stronger relationships with your customers.

7. User-Friendly Design Templates

You want to make sure that any emails you create have a consistent design across multiple devices and email clients. A good email platform allows you to design your emails from scratch, but it should also include a library of premium templates that are mobile-friendly and easily customizable. The best email marketing platforms include a simple visual editor for dragging and dropping elements and customizing them.


The best email marketing platform will be the one that offers the most value in terms of marketing automation and content requirements. Taking the time to define your goals, your plan, and how (and where) email needs to integrate with your business will make it infinitely easier to make the right decision.

How to Run Email Blast Campaign That Actually Works

One of the challenges that many small businesses face is finding a cost-efficient way to reach their audience on a budget. This is where marketing comes in. Email offers one of the most effective ways to grow your business and increase revenue. When compared to other marketing channels, email delivers a high return on investment. If you’re not using emails in your marketing, you’re missing out on sales opportunities. Here we’ll provide an overview of how to run an marketing campaign successfully. wp-block-image Start with a Good Email List Your results will be only as good as the email list you use. Poorly targeted emails, no matter how well-designed, will fail. Successful marketing campaigns begin with email list management. Hire an email marketing company in USA to develop a closely targeted list that increases the likelihood you're talking to qualified prospects rather than a random collection of individuals. Set Goals Now that you have a good email list, determine what you hope to accomplish with this campaign. This is the only way to measure your success and set benchmarks for future emails. Create short-term and long-term goals, the former serving as stepping stones to the latter. Then, attach some actionable steps to each goal. Personalize Emails Customers enjoy speaking to businesses when they feel that business is speaking directly to them rather than sending out untailored messages to a massive amount of people. This is where personalization can do wonders for a campaign. According to surveys, emails with personalized subject lines can see open rates that are up to 50% higher. Many email marketing services allow you to personalize subject lines and message content to include the name of the subscriber in the text. Write a Compelling Copy Email marketing campaigns perform much better when they offer readers some form of compelling content. Consider opening up to readers and offering a human story, showing them they are not just interacting with a business, but rather actual people. This could drive an emotional response and create truly great results. Another way to compel readers is to offer some sort of value, such as useful knowledge or tips for how to get the most out of your product or service. Spice up your messaging with photos, polls, surveys, even GIFs - anything to better engage readers. Use Technology to Design the Email You can choose from a lot of great marketing services to help you create an campaign from scratch. Most use tools that offer a host of well-designed, proven templates you can customize to fit your campaign. This software helps you layout your email based on tried and true principles. Create Strong Calls to Action Well-designed emails won’t get results without strong calls to action (CTA). Create valuable, informative content and then direct them to your site for more information, or toward discounts or special promotions on your products. Analyze and Tweak Your software should have strong analytics tools that gather valuable data that help you determine which messages are working, and which aren’t. Try A/B testing, sending half your email list one type of email, and the other half another type. This lets you make an apples-to-apples comparison and determine why one resonated more than the other. Map Out Future Emails Develop a long-term email campaign with a consistent schedule. Each email should have a logical progression to the next, particularly if you're making a newsletter that has the additional goal of getting customers to connect with your brand, so these will need to be planned in advance. Map Out Future Emails Email marketing provides one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience and expand your business. You can also use emails to develop relationships with your customers and drive more traffic to your site. Keep in mind the above-mentioned steps to successfully run an blast campaign. Conclusion Email marketing provides one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience and expand your business. You can also use emails to develop relationships with your customers and drive more traffic to your site. Keep in mind the above-mentioned steps to successfully run an blast campaign.