Difference Between Home Page And Landing Page

Home Page vs Landing Page There is a lot of difference between home page and landing page which we don't know accurately. The home page is the front page of a Website whereas the Landing page is the single web page that appears in order to respond when we click on this particular web page. There have some following steps to differentiate between these two pages - The home page includes a navigation menu, header, footer, content, images, etc. It summarizes everything about the site. From the home page, we can go to other subpages and we can link other pages with the home page. Whereas Landing page includes only the specific page where you can describe only the contents which will be relevant to that specific page. How to Understand which is the Home Page and which is the Landing Page? It's very simple to understand to differentiate between the two pages. When we click on Home we will redirect to the home page only which is the index page of the website. The URL of the home page refers to the name of the home page. Whereas Landing page refers to the subpage which we can get when we click on the link mentioned on the home page. On the landing page, we can only describe our specific content which can be about our business or products or services. A lot of people have been saying they get a lot of confusion about these two pages. Hopefully, now all the confusion will end and you can get a better idea about it. Do you need a home page or a landing page for your traffic generation? Confused? Check out Ryan's explanation in the video below.
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